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Photo Challenge #109 – What’s the Weather?

In this month’s stock photo challenge, we look at stock-worthy and saleable images of all kinds of weather phenomena.

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Video Review: Photo Challenge #108

This month Bonnie Caton reviews submissions based on stock-worthy and saleable images that feature the concept of being young at heart.

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A Simple, but Powerful Lightroom Tip for Your Stock Photos

Last week we took a look at this stock photo by my friend Sarah. It’s so simple… and yet, it’s one of her best-sellers. If you want to try some shots like this in your own home, see how she did it, here. This week, we’re going to take a closer look at one of […]


Creating Copy Space

When it comes to stock photography, the simplest photos are usually the most profitable. Photo buyers love it when you leave room for text, company logos, and other graphics to be overlaid on an image. That’s why our Challenge theme this month is ‘copy space.’ It’s this idea of leaving blank space or extra room […]

Hiking in the wilderness in Oregon

What Makes A Good Stock Photo?

Not sure which of your photos you should sell as stock?… here’s a video walking you through what works best as stock, what doesn’t, and why.

Do's and Don'ts on two sticky notes  on weathered whitewash textured wood

Stock Phototograpghy Do’s and Don’ts

Overwhelmed by all of the information on selling your photos as stock?… here’s a quick and easy stock photography “do’s and don’ts” list to follow.

Close up of photographer editing his images on laptop.

Simple 2 Second Trick to Improve Your Stock Photography

Bringing out the magic in photos is Lightroom’s specialty. The new “Texture”tool that enhances the texture in your images in an instant and will help increase their appeal.

Hands holding credit card and using laptop. Online shopping

Act like a buyer … and sell more photos

Stock photo agencies marketplaces where buyers search for what they need. If have an idea of what buyers are looking for, you will likely sell more photos.

Recent Video Reviews


Video Review: Photo Challenge #106

This month Shelly Perry reviews submissions based on the harvest season and how we enjoy our efforts in our theme “Farm to Table”


Video Review: Photo Challenge #105

This month Shelly Perry reviews submissions based on the times when things just slow down in our theme “Chill Out”